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  • How much will my inspection cost?
    Inspections and emissions start at $98.58.
  • How much is an oil change?
    It is specific for your vehicle: filter needed, type of oil required, and amount of oil used.
  • How much for brakes?
    This is specific to your vehicle, and so we are unable to give an estimate without knowing your vehicle. Some vehicles require special parts.
  • Do you take walk-ins?
    If the schedule allows, especially if it is a safety concern.
  • Do you complete a Gross Value Weight (GVW) sheet?
    Yes. We have ASE-Certified Technicians that are able to complete the document for you!
  • What is TechNet?
    TechNet Professional Automotive Service is an elite network of more than 15,000 repair shops across North America. They are locally owned by your neighbors and care about delivering exceptional customer care and service. They care about training their staff and using quality parts. And they care about their communities. When you have maintenance and repair work performed by a TechNet shop you are covered nationwide.
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